When there is a day , the kids just don't want to go to the beach and want to do something else for a change, there are plenty more activities in the neighborhood that they will love.

-Slide & Plash is a very popular water park with over 10 assorted water twisters from the same elevation and one of the longest water slides in Europe.

-Zoo Lagos is a magnificent zoo, founded on the principle of "conservar-educar-proteger"...conservation-education-protection.  You can tell as soon as you go in that Zoo Lagos is all about the animals, the environment they live in is beautiful and the animals are so happy that many of them are breeding.

- Sea Life is a small company that has specialized in dolphin watching on the Atlantic Ocean. They are operating from the marina of Lagos.  From April through November they organize ocean safaris onboard of rigid inflatable boats, with the objective of showing you wild dolphins in their natural environment or other ocean wildlife such as whales, orcas, propoises, turtles, sunfish or sharks.

-The Algarve combines all the elements ideal for horse-riding, be it in the paddocks , or on agreeable rides which allow you to explore the more remote areas, or perhaps enjoy an unforgettable sunset by the seashore on horseback.