The west coast provides many various conditions ranging from beginners waves to advanced waves. Experienced surfers best rent a car to be able to get easy to the best surfing spots.

From Alfambras, the nearest beach is Vale Figueiras beach.  It has fabulous cliffs, long sand banks and it is still not too much frequented.  Here one can find all year a good left and right beach break that everyone knows to appreciate. For those who are interested, surf lessons by experienced instructors can be arranged on this beach.

Carrapateira is located between the famous beaches of Bordeira and Amado.  Praia da Bordeira is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches.This beach is huge, has extensive dunes and is little frequented.  Here a river is flowing into the sea, so you can choose between a dip in the waves of the ocean and the quietly floating waters of the river where children can play safely.  Praia do Amado is a very nice beach that became famous for surf. On both beaches is a beach break where there can be found a good wave for each level.  Both beaches have lifeguards and a beach bar and therefore very popular.

Further in the vicinity:

Praia da Amoreira is a very lovely busy beach with a nice beach bar.  It has a powerful beach break and also a river mouth therefor ideal for beginning surfers.  Also little children can play safe in the river mouth.

Praia do Monte Clérigo has a beach break at a very cozy coastal village with a few bars.This is certainly the most romantic beach in the neighborhood.

Praia de Arrifana is a beach also very famous for surfing, although always crowded. The waves come in more regularly because of the bay that protects the beach.  From October till May,the point break can come alive.  Here you can also find a nice beach bar.